Product Management Essentials

Product Management Essentials
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Date(s) - 20/03/2019
8:30 am - 5:00 pm




Strategic decisions can no longer be taken only in the boardrooms. It should be your strong belief that Product Management as a function and profession is of growing importance – especially for technology companies. The Tolpagorni Product Management Essentials Training is a foundation for high tech product management. During this training, you will acquire the necessary tools to handle complex situations and ambiguous decisions. Primarily you will gain the tools to align requirement management with product marketing, market analysis and strategy creation

 “The whole framework that they (Tolpagorni) have put in place and demonstrate really gives you a good overview and understanding of everything required.”   Matt Gunnell – Product Manager Wealth ManagementDION GLOBAL SOLUTIONS


During this full day, Tolpagorni expert trainers will guide you into all corners of the product management landscape. Gaining market insights, creating product strategies, implementing product planning and driving product market launches.

  • Get an overview of the product management role and function
  • Get hands-on basic tools for everyday situation
  • Gain market in-sights and create product strategy
  • Build the product marketing and deliver a product launch with efficient requirement management

 “The essentials training covered a lot of the basics insights of what is product management. It was a very good overview and I got a lot of inspiration out that I will be taking with me.”  Marco Lange – Senior Product Manager, TACTON SYSTEMS AB


  • New to or want to get into product management
  • Individuals who are in charge of products, ordering development or collecting market requirements
  • People responsible for product marketing and planning product launches



You will gain

  • Product management tools, ideas and a strategic perspective to lift your performance
  •  A personal growth in the role as a Product Manager
  • Expand your professional network and share insights, experience and ways of working in other industries

Your company will gain

  • A competitive advantage for your business
  • Optimized product management and internal IT-offerings
  • Gain immediate value with better work performance in Product Management
  • Minimize the risk of product failure by taking informed Product Management decisions and removing “gut-feel” decisions.

“Very good overview of product management, for me a good refresh of concepts and some new things.”  Martin Drott – Head of Product Management, STATOIL LUBRICANTS

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